HDMI monitor for NEX7 under us$400?

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    Hi guys,

    I´m a big fan of the NEX system and have been working with it for some time. I currently own a NEX7 and I would like to get an external HDMI monitor to go with it under us$400. I love the fact that it has a headphone plug! Since I will mount it on the camera I would not like anything very heavy.

    I´ve read some horror stories about a Feelworld 7'' monitor FW760,it is IPS full HD 1920*1200 pixels,with HDMI input,also light and slim.

    I also find it is with exposure,Histogram,False Colors,Peaking Focus Assist,etc.

    I think it is great,but I´m not sure if it was just bad luck.

    Have you tried this one before?

    Any suggestions?

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