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    Dear directors / film-makers,

    Are you ready to explore your creativity? We at Indytronic Records are looking for creative souls with a wish to show off their talent, and develop it even further.

    Hip hop artist Delario just released his debut album "Tales of Pariah" and we are looking for talented film makers to create a music video for one of these 2 songs:

    "For the People" - A song dedicated to everyone out there who is struggling but has the strength to keep pushing forward.

    “Slaughter City” - A dramatic storytelling track which portrays a vivid picture of a fictional city in the midst of calamity and chaos.

    We would like to see how other people can interpret and visualize the stories told in these songs. Delario leaves YOU in control. Sky is the limit. Are you up for the challenge?


    - Create an original music video for one of Delario's songs.
    - Video can be anything from real-time footage to animation.
    - Video should represent the lyrical content of the songs.
    - Quality, originality and emotion are important elements.


    1st Place
    - Original music of any kind will be provided for free by Delario for your future film projects.
    - A free digital download of Delario's debut album "Tales of Pariah".
    - Exposure. Your video will be promoted and featured on our website

    2nd and 3rd Place will also get their video featured on our website.

    You can email your submission directly to us at , or you can upload it somewhere else (i.e Youtube) and email us a link to your video.

    Due Date: August 1st 2008

    We hope to motivate and inspire you with these songs, and look forward to seeing your approaches.

    DOWNLOAD ZIP: (contains 2 songs and 2 lyrics)

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