REClimate - voting begins!

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    The REClimate film competition deadline is here and more than 120 movies from all over the Nordic countries have been submitted to REClimate.

    So, get your vote on! Visit and vote for your favorite film.

    Between 24 November at 12.00 pm and 30 November at 12.00 pm you can vote on your favorite film at The five films that have received the most votes and three films selected by the REClimate team will go through to the final.

    In the final, a Nordic jury made up of artists, actors, climate experts and film personalities will select the winner of REClimate 2009. Members of the jury include Finnish actor Samuli Vauramo, Swedish artist Timbuktu, Danish actor Cyron Melville, Norwegian actress Iram Haq and Icelandic filmmaker Dagur Karí.

    All good!/Petra

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